About Jaime

I came to the art of officiating weddings at the request of two dear friends who were married in an ancient stand of redwoods in Big Sur, California in 2008. Ceremony has always been a cornerstone of my life, and my travels around the world - living in and visiting countries such as Mexico, the Republic of Georgia, China, Turkey, Spain, and many others have deepened my appreciation for this important part of our collective human experience.

The art of ceremony is ancient, stretching back into the Paleolithic corridors of time. Rights of passage, rituals, symbolic celebrations and acknowledgements span the globe and represent everything from the union of two lovers in marriage, the birth of a child, a young person coming of age, the death of a loved one, and the cycles of the seasons to times of harvest and peace.

It feels like an immense honor to uphold the importance of ceremony in the world today, and an important art to nurture.

When not officiating weddings or residing over memorial celebrations I spend my time making art, writing, watching documentaries, traveling, and spending as much time in the natural world as possible.