Ceremony Questionnaire

By thoroughly answering the following questions I can support you in crafting and delivering a wedding ceremony that perfectly represents you as a couple. Please fill out the questions below at your convenience and have fun!

Name 1
Name 1
Name 2
Name 2
Date of Ceremony
Date of Ceremony
In general, wedding ceremonies are rarely longer than 25-30 minutes.
Who are the key people in your bridal party, family members and friends involved in the ceremony, children, etc?
Formal, Informal, Traditional, Non-Traditional, Religious, Non-Denominational, Spiritual, Multi-Faith, etc.
What traditions and symbolic gestures will you be including? Are there spiritual practices or belief systems that hold specific meaning to you? Do you have any specific prayers or poems that you would like to share?
Will you be writing your own vows? How will your vows be delivered - Back and forth, one at a time? Do you require any assistance from me as the officiant during this time? Will your vows be only between you as a couple only or would you like to also include a community vow?
Besides my role as the officiant, would you like to also include offerings from members of your family and friends, such as poems, prayers, music, etc?
What is the tone of your ceremony? Funny, lighthearted, serious, outrageous, whimsical, traditional or a blend?
Describe the theme of your ceremony - Country chic, bohemian, vintage, Grecian, etc.
One method that has worked well with other couples is to agree upon 4 deliverables that your guests will be present to while attending your ceremony. Examples include: 1. A connection to the land 2. A connection to family, friends and community 3. An appreciation for the symbolism of marriage 4. A celebration of the uniqueness of your love as a couple What are the top 4 things that you want your guests to be left with and present to as a result of attending your wedding ceremony?
If you have a mood board, PowerPoint or Pinterest board that represents the colors, dresses, suits, food, flowers, decorative elements and overall feel of your wedding, I would love to see them so that I can create your ceremony accordingly. Please share any other thoughts you have about the “feeling” or “tone” of your reception, ceremony and overall wedding day.
How did you meet? How long have you been together? What is your story as a couple? How did you get engaged?
Who is your partner to you? What are their strengths? How do you complement one another? How do you trigger one another?
What is your favorite thing about them? What is your favorite thing about you as a couple? What is your least favorite thing about them?!?! NOTE: This is meant to be fun!
What are you most excited about when you think of spending the rest of your lives together? What are you most afraid of? What does marriage mean to you? What are you giving up or letting go of as you enter into this union? What do you expect to gain through this marriage?
By getting married, what are you creating for yourselves as individuals and as a couple. What do you hope to contribute out of your union?
What promises and commitments do you make to one another? What promises and commitments do you ask of one another?
What do you want friends and family to know about you and your intentions as a couple? What do you ask of them? How can they best support you and hold you accountable?
How will your story unfold?
What else needs to be expressed in regards to your wedding ceremony?